We diversified our broad acre cropping and livestock operation in 2005 with the establishment of Kaylor Dorper Stud.  Kaylor Dorper Stud is situated east of  Wongan Hills in Western Australia‚Äôs Central Wheatbelt region. We produce Ewes and Sires for sale.

Ewes and Sires

Flock History

Kaylor Dorper Stud was established in 2005 with the purchase of thirty Registered Dorper Ewes and two Registered Dorper Rams.

In the beginning Ewe numbers were built by using Natural mating,  Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer using ewes purchased from Dorper Valley Stud and Kaya Stud.

Natural matings have been the main base of our production.

Strong well muscled Sire’s with good conformation, body length and shedding ability have been purchased from Kaya Stud’s diverse gene pool since 2007.

Recently, Sire Dell 120451 was purchased from Dell Dorper.   This will add to our genetic pool.

Stud Sire’s bred at Kaylor that suit our requirements are used with in the Stud and prime lamb flock, others are presented for sale.

Sires are mated to small groups giving us a diverse base to work with.   Care is taken with pedigree recording, lambs are tagged and weighed at birth.

Type four and five ewes make up the stud flock.   Our aim is to build an all type five stud flock .

Animals are classed and typed after ten months of age.   Classer’s to officiate have been Adrian Veitch, Murray Connan, Philip Van Schalkwyk, Arno Voik.   Visiting from South Africa Ron Van der Merve, Wicus Cronje and Rodney Rayner.

Final selection of Sire’s and Ewes For Sale takes place in June/July.    Kaylor Dorper presents sale animals at Local Field Days, shows and on property through  the year until all Sire’s and Ewes available are sold.